What About Us

Lupi The Hoppy Turtle 2013 - 2019


Life is fast! & Lupi Retired!

Lupi, short for Humulus Lupulus or a strong ale gone down quickly!

She was born on a plane after a great weekend in Philly, USA. This is Lupi.

Her eye is a golden gemstone because she sees the world through sunshine eyes. 

Her smile is wide and beaming reflecting the love in her heart, which sways and shines brightly in the various seasons. 

Her inner beauty is more precious than gold or silver. 

Lupi's steps are in motion in pursuit of adventure, travel, and joy in her journey! 

Her arms are open wide embracing all that life brings, including the bling bling! 

If you had the opportunity to purchase one of our Hoppy Creations, thank you! 

If we had the opportunity to share a pint and an afternoon with you, thank you!

Now that we are embracing retirement, we continue to travel and enjoy many adventures. 

We are enjoying Our Wonderful Life!

HOPefully, we get to meet up again somewhere around the world!

cheers & blessings,

Nina, and Lupi The Hoppy Turtle

✨RetireYoung 🤩 EnjoyLife💫 Make The Most of Every Opportunity🌎 Be Hoppy ❣️Stay Anchored in Love⚓️

Beer Colored Gems ~ Baltic Amber!


They look like a Marzen or Oktoberfest Beer! 

Humulus Lupulus ~ Green Gold!


Our custom hand-crafted 14k Green Gold Hop Ring with bine. Shown here rising out of the pure gold beads.

Green Gold The Making of HopsJewelry! Bringing Hops to Life©

Bringing Hops To Life© Green Gold, LLC

Jewelry designed by an American Hop-Loving Woman. Manufactured in Florida and New York, USA. 

Filmed in Tettnang, Germany; Parma, Idaho; Nashville, Tennessee, South Florida, and Brooklyn, New York. 

Retailed online and during Travels for Beer.

"Oh What A Beautiful Day"© Music and mix by Isaiah Lyon, Batter Head Productions, Nashville, Tennessee.

The Making of Hops Jewelry

Green Gold Vision, Mission, Cheers & Blessings!

This Making of Hops Jewelry video was produced to show the vision and process of Green Gold, and Lupi The Hoppy Turtle©.  

For nearly two decades we've enjoyed the privilege to travel for beer and hops across USA, Europe, Canada, Poland, Scandinavia, South and Central America, Bahamas, Mexico, Spanish Virgin Islands, and the Hawaiian and French Polynesian Islands. We've traveled by planes, trains, automobiles, sailboats, and bicycles!

Inspired by dangling hops during harvest season in Germany, I envisioned droplets of gemstones hanging from gold and silver. In Germany, and throughout the world, hops are the lifeblood to many towns. 

When gold and silver are put into the furnace, at just the right heat, it is molded into a beautiful and bright treasure. We add gemstones for the extra bling

We contracted with the best American professionals to create our jewelry, the original website, graphic designs, retail accessories, modeling, printing, filming, and the music. 

Our vision for Green Gold: Discriminating jewelry. Pure. Gold. Sterling Silver. Gemstones. Made in USA. Quality Craftsmanship. Pride of Product. 

Although hops jewelry retired in May 2019, we could not love nor appreciate more all that we learned and experienced in our short life, puns accepted 😉

What's Next?  More Adventure! We continue to travel, shop, and have fun in life!  

Life is Fast! We are never bored. I am happy to boast of Bill's woodworking skills and his love and expertise in The Tongue & Groove Wood Joint! 

We thank you, our customers, vendors, and friends, for many years of fun, faith, and fulfillment. 

Cheers & Blessings to Our Wonderful Life and yours!

Nina, Bill, & Lupi The Hoppy Turtle

"Oh What A Beautiful Day"© 
Music and Mix by Isaiah Lyon
Batter Head Productions, 
Nashville, USA
"Oh What A Beautiful Day"© Music and Mix by Isaiah Lyon Batter Head Productions, Nashville, USA